Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just some after works thoughts by an idle mind.

Someone asked me today "Why?"  It was made in a half humorous way, but it's the kind of question I like.  Gives you room to think.  Gives you a chance at creativity.  Gives the brain a workout, while it comes up with an answer that you can roll over in your mind and shape like clay.
The answer I gave was; "Why is an interesting question.  And an important one.  In fact, it's a question so important that we decided to give it's own letter in the alphabet.  A list of sounds that make up our everyday speech, and the question 'Why?' is one of them.  So it must be a very important question."
At the time, I gave it as sort of a smart-ass answer.  Just give an answer to the question, then just run with the answer.  Try it sometime, it's fun.  Sort of like freestyle, I guess.  Anyways, the question came back when I read something using "u" instead of "you".  Amazing thing language.  We, as a culture, decide what ideas and things are important enough to merit their own names.  The idea of the alphabet being a hall of fame for words give me a smile, but can fall a bit flat.  U are so important that I need every child to learn how to say it.  To be is the question, but are B's and the honey making skills that important?  Auditory stimulus is apparently secondary to the I's ability to C.  And we all know how important getting rid of liquid waste is.  R u following what I am sayin'?