Dog lovers, Unite!

Dog lovers know that for all the pampering, affection, and attention that we give our dogs, we get a furry friend who stays by us. When the world comes crashing down and things seem hopeless, dogs are there to provide security and comfort. For all the frustration and cursing that goes into training them, there is a feeling of pride when they finally do that trick. And even the ones that don’t learn well, they still show independence and the ability to relax that you don’t see in a computer.
Dog lovers know that seeing eye dogs, shepherds, and bomb dogs are more than just tools. When cared for and treated as a companion, dogs show more love and passion for their work than most people can muster in their lives.
Dog lovers know that a lost dog can be just as scared and just as vulnerable as any child. When they are lost, they can can easily fall prey to the jerks, assholes, and predators of the world. People work to protect their dogs to keep them safe, healthy, and warm because dogs protect us and the ones we love.
A dog lover is a dog lover, no matter the language you speak, or the culture you grew up in. Let us band together to protect the dogs. Groups have more power than individuals, and I want to connect people across the globe through their love of dogs. And I’m hoping that people of different politics, cultures, and religions want to help dogs. I want to dream big, I want to think that if I can get everyone to help, I can start something to assist dog shelters in other countries, specifically Moscow, Russia. But I need to start small. I can see that there are others interested, without my help this page was shared 31 times. Can it grow to 100? If it can, then I can put in $50. It’s small, but that’s the point. Small goals grow bigger over time. $50 becomes $500 with time and effort, $500 turns this into a charity that can give tax breaks for donations, the charity grows into something that makes sure animals in Moscow shelters have medicine and blankets for the winter. Big goals like this need to start small. 100 shares is small.
Hell, the stupid idealist kid in me hopes that if we connect the dog lovers of these countries, we can see past the bullshit propaganda our countries try to sell us. Hopefully we can just see dog lovers who speak a different language.

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