Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October is for Insecure people.

We used to have a saying in NEK. "I'm not poor, I just have no money."
I was gonna put something together that was optimistic and positive today. And I started thinking about it, and I worked it over in my mind, and then I thought of something. Why I am so god-damn happy this fall?
True, I have days,weeks even, where I bitch and complain because I get frustrated over a computer that I'm building, or I'm bored at work, or I'm trying to meet some girl and things fall apart. But I'm not depressed, upset, or even a little sad. And for every good thing that I tell myself happened this summer, something really bad happend.
My health is great and I am in great shape. I ride my bike 12 miles a day, every day, and am starting to become fairly flexible. Of course, the reason why I ride my bike everywhere is because I was in a three car accident back in. . . June, I think? Maybe end of May? Anyway, car was totaled.
My French and my Russian is getting better. I've had time to hang out at home and chat with people around the world and practice new languages and learn new skills. And I'm eating healthy as well! I had a little garden where I grew some food. Not everything came out well, the potatoes were planted too late and died. Again though, because I had no insurance on my car, and it wasn't registered, I've extra time at home because all the money I make goes to the accident. And eating healthy is cheaper than eating pizza and drinking beer all the time.
My body and mind couldn't be better at this moment in time. Everyday I feel myself growing stronger mentally and physically. When I look at the future, holy crap I can't wait. Math conferences, biology talks, Thanksgiving, Christmas, chances to travel, and the list keeps going on. But to say this summer was crap, well, technically I would be right. My laptop gave me trouble all summer, and finally died on me a couple weeks ago. (I'm typing this on my break at work.) I have had so much more time to read now though, so I finally get to read all the books that have been piling up.
Well, ever have a day where reality suddenly dawns on you? It's not gonna stop me from being awesome, and interesting though. It's really just my excuse why all the things I wanted to get done didn't. Fuck it, though. Shit happens, and the stuff that I really, really want to get done, will get done.
How was your summer? Has life been good to you, or do you simply forget the bad stuff too? Ohhh! Who is doing NaNoWriMo? I'm excited for that and have been putting together my research and stuff for the Non-fiction version of the event.