Sunday, September 15, 2013

Damn constraits, we have to break them.

Do we ever stop looking at the future to see possibilities? What is frustrating in this world to me is there doesn't seem to be enough time to fully explore the world around me.
The mathematical models of the world of enzymes and hormone transport systems call to me. I can see a future where florescent chemicals show me the place of penetration and nutrient transfer occur between absucular mychorriazal fungus and the roots of corn. The mysteries of evolutionary theory is worthy of a place in any thriller to me. Plato's world of ideas created by the math of Euclid is a world worth exploring.
I want to spend time in nature, contemplating the structure of the world around me. Time spent in the physical world with real things is time well spent. Theory only describes a poem as lovely as a tree, and cannot replace the smells and sounds of nature.
Mastery of one skill seems to ignore all other skills. The wonders of biology is supported by the foundations of physics. And what about the skills needed to live? The ability to cook, to farm, and to feed oneself? How about the ability to be able to build and to fix? Why is life so large with so many paths?
Why can't I be an expert at everything damnit? I want to be a master lover, thinker, craftsman and artist. If time didn't exist, then I would do it all.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stupid papers I have to read for work.

I hate you so much right now biochem. You were cute at first with your words that made you sound so smart and brilliant, but these papers I have to read run into the same damn problem every bad writer does; you aren't saying anything. These papers make the same damn conclusions over and over again. It's what we get for creating a system that values length over subject. Really, why is it a material and methods from 2013 is 5 pages longer than a one paragraph materials and methods from 1973? It's doesn't say anything amazing. Instead of just referencing the paper it cites, these damn things seem to write out the whole damn paper!
And oh my god! Auxin transport inhibitors inhibit plant hormone transportation? Really? I could have figured that out on my own, I don't need 20 fucking sentences rewording of the same sentence!
Math is interesting. Sats, contradictory to my thoughts 4 years ago, is an stimulating part of math that can be useful at times. Adding percentages and graphs that mean nothing does not help a god awful excuse for a paper. And really, you're part Chemistry! Its contributions to math are well noted! Your dependence on graphs and stats show your upbringing by biology and it's fear of math.
A discussion section is for discussion! How the project was done was covered in material methods! Stop bringing it up in the discussion section!
Honestly, this is part of the reason smart people don't get the respect they think they deserve: They are long winded, boring blowhards, too busy being wrapped up in something they think is success while ignoring the world around them. Biochem, these papers you and agro-biochem are making is that boring washed-up blowhard. Stop being so insecure that your teacher won't give you an "A", shorten your paper by 12 pages, and actually get to the fucking point. Better yet, stop repeating your point. It's the same thing, even if you put a hat on it. Or another percentage, whatever.
In conclusion, your paper stumbles around like a nervous virgin, returning to its same move that is ineffectual.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ISWG ramble

Why, hello there.
It's time for the thoughts that keep us awake at night to come to surface. Enough time for them to peak out at the sun, then I can push them back for another month, where they stew and help form some of the more interesting parts of my personality. And it is hosted by some of the finest people in the blogging world.
StumbleUpon keeps showing me websites about success. A few weeks ago, I had a three day vacation that gave me time to stop and reflect on the summer. It certainly was an interesting one. I miss the interesting summers that involved being chased by cows and crazy acts of testosterone. This one had it's fair share, and now it's time for the harvest season. Being a farmer was important to who I am, so I still think of things in respect to farming.
Right about this time, we had worked our asses and hoped the weather favored us for 5 months and we could finally see things paying off. We were rewarded for our efforts with tons of food and then could sell that or eat it. Also right about this time, I would have a great body from months of exercise and sunshine with a little extra money in my pocket. Again, I had the fore-mentioned insecurities pushed back in my mind that would make enjoying this time strange and sometimes dark, but that's a different story.
Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, to hell with success. For the first time in 5 years, people look at me and say, "Why, that boy is doing well by MY standards."  I reaping a ton of rewards from a summer of hard work and slight adventure. You know what is truly frightening and scary though? The idea of living a life that society deems worthy, but feeling empty and mentally exhausted while asking yourself at all times, "But what AM I doing?"
How do you define success for yourself? When you write books, or even set goals for yourself, how do you know you did well at the end of the day? I don't want to be dark here. Personally, I know I am doing well if I am having fun and trying something different and new. The person who I am changes over time, and I can see sides of my personality form and develop, and I can bring them out when the situation calls for it. I change the environment, and adapt, and watch as pieces slowly change like the path of a river after a heavy storm. When you define success for yourself, and you can honestly say that you are using the best of yourself, then it's reflected in your personality. Hell, sometimes some people are strong enough to reflect in the people around them. Others notice. When others begin to notice though, then what? Is it good, bad, other?
Just go out and enjoy the harvest season. The hard work pays off, and it's something to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What I'm doing this month.

So I'm supposed to being reading and posting Einstein's papers this month, but I didn't do the necessary preparations before hand. He wrote a lot of papers in German, is what I'm finding out at the moment. I'm trying to find something in english at the moment that would be a good place to start. If I can't find anything in time, then I'll just post some notes I've been taking on the book I'm reading at the moment, "Darwin on Trial". See you later tonight, imaginary friends.