Monday, October 1, 2012

Just another post

     I've been wanting to try my hand at writing a romantic story for a couple of weeks now.  The time isn't right at the moment, mostly because my writing style doesn't allow for a love story of the traditional kind at the moment.  I'm long-winded, self-centred, and have a slight obsession with math.  Not so sure if that's a spark for romance.
     Instead of actually writing the damn thing, I mostly just roll ideas around in my head.  They're all based on memories and people I knew and the immortal beings they've become.  Sometimes, I think the story should be based on the more innocent moments, like the story of the two young people smoking cigarettes in a tree.  That story is hard to write, because in reality it was a bright light before what turned out to be a pretty dark winter.
     So then my thoughts turn away from each and every memory that thought brings.  Instead, I think about writing a story about two people who keep finding themselves together time after time.  I see old friends who go through this, and have been going through it since high school.  Hell, it seems like I have a couple old flames that I would like to see turn into a bonfire.  The story has been told many times, and each time it can capture our hearts.  Maybe because it's familiar to us.  Maybe because we hope to see that stuff work.  Or maybe it's just a lie told to comfort us young-uns.  You know, those of us who are starting to develop cynicism in small doses while still trying to hold on to our optimism.
     I've always been fascinated with time.  In one of the earliest versions of this story  I played around with the idea of a super hero who learn to bend and manipulate time based on the strength he gets from a woman.  This was years ago I played with idea, but the character keeps coming back.  You see, they meet while he lived in the mountains.  And the power he felt from her drew him to her.  He uses this power to preform herculean tasks,  and he only grew stronger when she was around.  For a brief time, the two of them separate, and he becomes weaker, and weaker.  Finally, they meet again and he is able to use the last of his strength to push away the demon that was plaguing her.  I scraped it.  Quite honestly, didn't sound that great.
     Do you have to be in love to write a love song?  If you do, then every musician, poet, and author ever has been in love multiple times.  Love has lost its value.  If it's something that be found at the drop of a hat, then what is it worth?  Seeing how a vaguely worded, super clichéd summer jam can make millionaires out of a lot of people, apparently the idea alone is worth more than I can imagine.
     The memories comfort me though, no matter how cynical I get.  Maybe I can add to this genre with ideas that roll and gather no moss.  Meh.  The ideas kinda fizzle, and none of them accumulate into anything interesting any-ways.
     That's it for todays thought spoken into the void by the late night insomniac.  I hope your dreams keep you happy.

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