Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goodnight, and sleep well.

  Being single is easy; there's only one person you have worry about your decisions affecting. Go ahead and buy the junker with no airbags, you have no passengers on a daily basis and you'll have plenty of time to work on it since you're by yourself. Any sort of love is hard, you have to be able to give yourself to another, and learn how to give the right amount of trust and hope they do the same for you. There's so much that go wrong, and so many ways that can end with you sitting on the couch, depressed, or in an unmarked grave in the middle of a forgotten canyon.
Too much trust, and it's all over. The world will eat you up and it will destroy you. You will know pain, and it may become familiar. But no trust at all is cynicism. The world will become nothing but a dark twisted monster that only purpose is to sneer in your face and remind you how it just hates you. Strength gives us the chance to change the world around us, to create something that everyone can enjoy. We must be able to look at what is happening around us, and we must stand up to the challenge. Courage is what we need then: courage to walk up to the girl at the end of the bar; courage to take her home; courage to make it work out in the end. But life is never so cut and dried. We scramble through the brambles of the interlacing branches of other people's lives. Sometimes they snap back in our faces, and other times they simply snap in our hands. It's a confusing mess, and we try our best to find something that makes sense in it. Wisdom is the light we need. Wisdom will help us find patterns in what looks like a confusing mess; wisdom will help us decide what is worth our time and effort, and wisdom will help us decide what the difference is between the things we can change and the things we cannot.
Love has destroy men more powerful than I. Love was the downfall of heroes and gods! Love is one more thing that makes no sense in a world with no meaning and too many coincidences. What do we do? Follow Pandora's lead, baby, and just hope. Hope nothing blows up in our faces, and hope that there is some meaning. Here's to hope; let's hope that it's all we need.


  1. So true. I know exactly what you mean. I'm trying to maintain a delicate balance between trust and cynicism.