Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Get healthy or DIE!

Hey! It's that time again! The sun is out for long periods of time and, if you don't live in Vermont, all the snow is gone finally. Any attempts to stay inside is met with accusations of being "anti-social" or "a vampire". But months of staying inside having taken their toll, so chances are good that you do not look good in a bathing suit.
It's time to get healthy. The summer is the perfect time to do it too. No more using the cold as an excuse to not go outside and run, walk, or bike ride. The outdoors is calling your name. The farmers markets have open up and you can go ride out to get healthy food from local people. Did you know by supporting your local business you increase pride in the community? If you increase pride, then you increase your chances of turning your local football team into the Wolverines when the communist invade. Buy local and don't the damn dirty reds win when they invade.
Back to healthy eating and healthy living. Really, there's a lot to be said about it, and not all of it I'm behind. I like living, but living forever seems over rated. But as writers, being healthy will help with creativity which is
Add exercise to your daily routine. When you pick something up, squat down and pick it up like it's fifty pounds. If you walk there, then do it. I'm a mathematician and biologist. I'm really the last person you should come to for advice. I'm setting my own goals to get in shape. I want to bike to work every day, shop at the farmer markets, and eat better. And if all that fails, I'll try Lucky cigarettes.


  1. I don't want the Reds to invade!
    We buy local and organic whenever possible. Besides, the produce at our local Wal-Mart looks post-apocalyptic.

  2. Hey, Sam,

    Definitely get out into that sunshine, bike, and shop the local markets. You will feel GREAT and get into shape before the first snowfall...

    Thanks for posting for the HOP!

  3. Hi, Even just sitting in the sun - in moderation of course - is good for you - Vitamin D :) We're actually getting cases of rickets in England now where parents have gone completely against letting their kids out in the sun!
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe