Wednesday, October 1, 2014

IWSG for the month of October

I've been really quiet for the last few weeks. No family crises, no health problem, I was a little busy with my job, but the real reason I haven't been blogging is good, old fashioned humiliation. Yes, something real to talk about on this month's IWSG! Which, by the way, is brought to by Alex J. Cavanaugh. Click the picture if you want to sign up. tried an experiment here. Experiments are good, they keep things fresh. What I wanted to do was use the month build up as way to further explore the subject that my math group talks about on the fourth Saturday of every month. I figured three days a week was good, I could fill in the other two days with stuff about learning programing, and the weekend would be dedicated to writing about whatever. That was really ambitious apparently.
urWhat I did right was figure out my topics in advanced. What I did wrong was not do any sort of outline as well. Life is busy, it turns out, no matter who you are. Without the proper prep everything just falls apart and it gets stressful. Having dealt with failures before, I knew at a certain point that I could drop the whole thing entirely and do other things. Page views is not worth my sanity, and I could try again in a month.

Here I am the next month to try again. Still doing three days a week with this thing, but the other 4 days will just be me talking about whatever. No attempt at anything really ambitious. That's not true. This will still tie into the math group on the fourth Saturday, and I'm working to tie this into a Nerd Nite talk I'm giving on November 5. Again, I've got an outline of my month planned, hopefully it's lose enough but strong enough I get stuff done. If I can stick to my plan of three days a week, 3 months from now I can work on making it more ambitious.

Ok, now I'm ready to kick ass.


  1. Hi Samuel! I'm meeting the most interesting people as I blog hop today as an IWSG co-host. I've really struggled with blog writing and trying to stick to a schedule. Some people can knock out posts every day, and then there's me! Your schedule sounds like a lot, but what fun pursuits. I struggled with math, and finally started getting it when I was teaching third graders. How fun to belong to a Saturday morning math group! I find math beautiful as well as perplexing. One of the best courses I ever took in university was a year-long course on fungi, so I read with great interest that you work in the fungi field. I'll definitely be back to visit your blog. And good luck with your plan!

  2. Three days a week is more than I do. (Not counting during the A to Z Challenge.) Don't stress page views. Just focus on quality posts and comments. Besides, much more fun and less stressful!