Monday, October 26, 2015

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I should just write this in seasons. That way. in my mind I could justify taking time off. Man, every job should be like that.

I kind of miss that when I was farm hand. Summer time was the farm, something I loved to do and wanted to be better at, then winter was time  to do something new. A chance to refocus and try something else for a change. Okay, I always like to stop and redefine success for myself, and that is how I know I will have done well for myself in 5 years. If I can take 3 months off and then return to my job to refocus, then I've found my calling in life.

It's the moeteny that gets to you in life. Waking up every day and rinse, recycle repeat the same pattern. This is not a life I was meant for, a life where I just do the same thing every day. I fought against before, so why accept it now? Why just sit here and let life decide what it wants for me? There is nothing in that except for frustration.