Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Small alien worlds

     I'm not in a thermodynamic mode tonight.  Partly because I do not have a good idea what to do, partly because I've been working some extra hours, and partly because I'm just not in the mode.  On this fine evening, I'll just talk and write to see where I go.  Nobody reads this thing anyway.
     Let's start off in distant land.  It's a good place to start because books like "Through the Looking Glass" and "Planiverse" used to intrigue me.  I'll keep this simpler in more of a "Flatworld" style.
     I'm imagining a 3D dimensional world, but  farther away from their star then we are from ours.  This would cause a world with more light weight gas present in the atmosphere.  Not something as big as Jupiter, mind you, but still bigger than us. The flora and fauna that live there would be invisible.  Well, to us at least.  In this imaginary world, since more light get there, it blocks out the visible light spectrum.  Light still bounces off of these objects, so their eyes would see other wavelengths.  I'm curious to know what we would look like to someone who could only see as high as radio.
     Can't stop myself from finding the calculations of the size of the planet.  Hey, if you're bored and want to build a mind planet, check this shit out.  I'm imagining my planet to have a 10,000 km radius.  Here's a good article if you want to know your planet's mass.  Anyways, the fauna here are built stockier, due to higher gravity.
     The deeper and deeper I dive into the equations and find the relationships between one thing and another, it does seem that we were brought here by a delicate ratio.  But what would have happened if ratio changed?  It would affect the sum of the parts, for sure.  They've found life in extreme places on earth though, so why not somewhere where the situation is different?  Imagining a world with different rules is fun, but imagining an alien world with the same rules as ours seems so fascinating.
     If any explorers find their way here, I'd be curious to know about any alien worlds you can create.  I'll be back to talking about thermodynamics next week.

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