Friday, June 28, 2013

Cups of liquid adrenaline

Have you ever felt that the bland, drab, and boring try to push their lifestyle on you?
The uninteresting, safe guys who never tried to take a chance. Those guys who pat themselves on the back because they "just know" that eventually everyone around them will slow down to their pace and that they, the beige and neutral background players, will be rewarded for life of staying at home and making the "smart, safe decisions." And, like the borg, they want to assimilate you into their lifestyle.
You can start to fight the current of the river of blandness by reading the work of Dylan Thomas and Hunter S. Thompson. As you fight the dying of the light, think about what a day with fun entails. Don't think about the army of drones and zombies that shuffle in and out of your life. Think about adventure around the next corner. Is all the money in the world worth twilight years spent contemplating a life spent in idle waste? Life is best experienced through all of its peaks and valleys.
Live a life of poet, and feel every extreme emotion pulse through your body. Fall in love with every girl you meet, and lament on how short our time on earth is. Feel fear fill your body as you face ever terror that lurks behind each corner. Enjoy the feeling of safety as you walk out of the situation untouched. Enjoy depression, and remember that no matter how alone you feel, the world is filled with people who share that loneliness.
During your journey, walk down the dark paths with no maps. I guarantee your stories will be interesting, and your character will be better. And at the end of it all, if there is someone on the other side, you can look the creator in the eye and say "That is one hell of a ride you built."


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