Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What, What! It's WEDNESDAY!

It's Wednesday, and I'm insecure. It's those little things that make me, me.I think i's a time for a change though when it comes to advice Let me ask you something; when was the last time you typed your stories naked and uploaded the videos to youtube? Being naked is quiet liberating, you know. As you walk down the streets letting the breeze brush your skin, you'll find your insecurities float away in the wind.
When was the last time you sent your short stories into playboy? Sure, that's the bug time, but your words will grace the same pages as Shel Silverstein and Ray Bradbury once did.
If your still insecuring, try making out with a stranger on main street in the daylight. Show the world you don't care and you won't play by their rules!
Maybe your writers block or insecurities come from the fact that you haven't lived the life of a suffering writer. When I'm faced with this problem, I look to my idols, Oscar Wilde, Vincent Van Gogh, and the Buddhist monks from the 1960's.  Following their example, I proceed to cut off my year, contract syphilis, and light myself on fire. Honestly, I don't know how others spend their Saturdays.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions but conservative nature has it's advantages. Hope it help you and fun post. New Follower.

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  2. I don't think posting naked YouTube videos will help my writer's insecurity :) On the other hand, that could help with sending material to Playboy...