Sunday, August 18, 2013

Notes from vacation

Find a girl who is afraid of snakes. Find a guy who is afraid of heights. Find someone who is AFRAID. Because the man who fears nothing but death; who laughs at thunder, who races storms, and finds humor in the darkest moments, is a friend of the devil, and when you see what goes on in his head, well son, you best be fucking holding on for dear life. Because it will be ride you will not forget.


  1. We overcame our fears ( even "Death" since I am dying anyway)... The one fear that we cannot get over is "People".... anything else that I am afraid of ...I can just Kill.... They tend to get more than a bit "upset" if you do that ....
    You gave a Very good description of how the "Voices" work in "Stacey's" head.... (We have a rather bad case of "Personality Fragmentation Disorder" .... So with that and my bad nerves .... Let's just say that Stacey struggles daily with his "inner Demons".... So far we have managed to hold them at bay....
    I have enjoyed reading some of your past posts as well good Sir.... Keep up the Great work ... and have a nice day

    1. When I get "bored" and "antsy" I tend to do stuff that I like to think of facing my fear of death. In a way it's something to look forward to because there's an adventure waiting for us. Thanks for the read.