Thursday, August 8, 2013


And so ends my 2 month obsession with thinking about fungus and having to talk in front of people. Job is finally slowing down for the winter month, hopefully. Now it's time to sit down and focus on writing to exercise the demons.
Hey, this means this post can be about anything! I don't have to talk about my plans, fears, or desires. I don't have to think about mushrooms today. I can take a break before I buckle down and obsess about about Einstein math.
It's no fun to live in the past. It's fun to visit, but I would never make a home there. It boggles my mind when I hear people my age talk about they would rather live in the 60's because those were times when social change happened and people cared, man! The world we live in now rarely slows down and has enough to be pissed about as well as sights to be happy about. It's in our nature to fight and change the world. We are the earthmovers.
Of course, this has nothing to do with anything at all, today. Sometimes I just think about what it takes to become a strong enough personality to change space and time as we know it. We got to exercise that personality, ya know? Turn ourselves into a beacon that is able to attract the best and the brightest of our peers, and become friendly and down to earth enough that we can say we genuinely enjoy our time on earth. And then our friends will help blow up the world.
You know what? It's fun to be extreme and work for a world that we would like to see exist. One day I will grow old and cynical and, like Aristotle, begin to bitch about children having no respect for traditions or their elders.
I spend a lot of time talking. The only action I've taken though is trying to convince people I'm smarter than I am, and sort of working towards making a world I want to live in. Meh.
This concludes an unfocused piece about the subject of nothing at all. Maybe I'll write up that talk I gave, or at least post the slides, but don't count on it. Enjoy your day, and I'm not dead yet.

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