Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Live a small life in a small town just like your farther did. It is the best option in life, really.
Grow up in the same town that your parents met in, lived in and laughed in. The same one your grandparents made a life in. Marry your highschool sweetheart, have beautiful children, and maybe become a pillar of the community.
Will it be tough? Yes, but everyone will help you, because your problems are the same problems that affected everyone that came before you, just with new technology. Be liberal young, and then an old conservative.
The outside world, the risks, that only leads to failure and heartbreak. It leads to poverty. It's a very dark road that not many have gone down and few people have returned from. And they were smart. And rich. And handsome! And well, sure you're handsome, but not like them. You're not smart like them. People out there, they are just better than you, so if you live a life in small town, your problems will be simple.

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