Monday, June 23, 2014


I really hate to admit this, but if I don't post for a long time, it's because I start planning this big post that will be epic and awesome, then I start writing it and get though the first draft, then it just sits there, in my box just waiting to be finished. Then I don't post anything because I just keep feeling guilty about not working on it. I convince myself that I'm busy and I don't have time right now to work on it. And it gets pushed aside and pushed aside until 6 months later, I've forgotten the post all together and can't remember it at all.
The one I'm working on at the moment is too important. It is math related, and it's a sort of plug for the Philly Math Counts group that is meeting this Saturday, at Capriccio Cafe & Espresso Bar, 110 N. 16th Street , Philadelphia, PA. If you live in the area, go out and talk about information theory, whether you're an expert or not. I'm not going, because I've got a once in life time trip to hang out in an airport motel in Bellingham, Washington for a bit. So this post will be my contribution to it. Now that I've said it, it will come true.
Also, I have twitter now! I have a handful of tweets, and a picture even! So yeah, that is a thing, and math related post is going up soon, aiming for tonight.

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