Thursday, November 13, 2014

More for myself, I'm afarid

So I've set a goal for myself. After one of my "fun" periods of lying in bed before I sleep and wondering if I'll ever accomplish any more of the goals in my life (Right, my worry isn't "will I accomplish anything", it's "will I accomplish more." There is something wrong with my brain) I've decided to sit down and work on my goal for next year: finally write this god-damn paper/book thing that has been in my head for two years. I'm here today to loosen my brain up so I can start thinking of something and make this flow.

The key to this is not a focus on calculation math. My favorite books and papers by the mathematicians I admired had surprisingly little calculations in them. Newton is credited with inventing calculus, and the parts of his books that aren't logic are just geometry, really. Some of the best philosophers had a mathematicans style and outlook on the world when writing. The best being Bertrand Russel, Pascal, and Chomsky, of course. The style I know, the tone to pick is key, but more importantly, what is a topic I can write 50,000 words about?

Mushrooms and math. Mushrooms, math, and chemistry. Mushrooms, math, chemistry, and philosophy. God, I may fail sometimes, but it's not because I don't dream big. I tried being a burnout that did drugs and ate chips while watching the telly, but it just didn't stick, I'm afraid.

As I think about this more and more, I can piece it together in my mind. First, maybe an outline? Ok, I think I got this. Anybody who comes across this today, have fun. I'm writing because I have the time to write and no one is bothering me at all. Next few days will be that type of attitude, since the last 2 months I wanted to write, but had a tough time sitting down to do it.


  1. I'm going to send out all the good vibes, karma and prayer I can muster for you to have the peace of mind and stamina to pound out an epic, short story, or whatever in is your head and screaming to get out. Go, guy, go!