Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday morning tin foil

I want to be ahead of the curve here, so I'm going to say that The Interview was actually really bad and in danger of losing money, so the NSA and Sony got together and hacked the company just so they could blame it on North Korea. Never mind that  it put hundreds of people financial security at risk, it was all just act so they could have an excuse to blame our enemies and possibly start a new war, I guess? Does this sound like a good conspiracy theory yet? Oh, wait!

Why would they do this? Well, isn't it convenient that it happens to be going on right  as protests are going on in Washington D.C. with a new civil rights movement? Or that it just happens to coincide with legalization of medical marijuana, which is like the government just giving up on the war on drugs? The hack was planned to distract us from what's really going on, much like how the Kardashian's were built in a bunker to keep us docile and stupid.

Open your eyes, sheeple! Doesn't it seem too easy, or too convenient that a country we've been enemies with for years just happened to hack us?

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