Thursday, December 11, 2014

Short today

Writing is meditation. As meditation, writing is an eyeglass used to examine and make sense of not the only the world, but also ourselves. Meditation breeds awareness. Without awareness, the world becomes a mess of emotions that come from unknown sources that passes by like a moving background. Ignorance causes confusion. Mediation is a light in the darkness, so those of us logically inclined can see the relation with writing transitively speaking.

Emotion is fine. Emotion is an interpretation of life and experiences, and a life without experiences is a dull existence in a comatose state. Learn to love. They tell me as an experience it is the happiest experience, as well as being just one hell of a high. Depression is awesome. When the inverse is behind me, happiness is less of a lifting sensation and more of powerful flying force thru the sky. Beware the valleys. Emotion is never stable, it comes on along a sine wave across the drops and dips with amplitudes of varying proportion.

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