Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Insecurities, sure.

Well,I'm still around.And am I'm ready for this addition of insecure writers support group.
Haven't posted anything for awhile.  I've been writing, but haven't posted anything.  Anybody else have a bin for ideas that seem good, but haven't finished?  That's what I've been accumulating since September.  Good, unfinished ideas. 
It's all wrong.  The stuff I wrote in the past has glaring technical errors, the stuff I write now just doesn't seem fleshed out. I'm constantly hitting blocks while I'm writing, and a lot of the time the flow seems off to me.  I haven't stopped writing though.  Like I've said, none of it's online.
It's just a good old fashioned case of self doubt.  I am having trouble with this damn post because it doesn't sound right.  There's no flow.
I like writing, and I don't stop really.  Writing helps sort out my thoughts.  It's puts them in down in a linear fashion, and keeps me from repeating myself when I think. Writing helps get things done.
I've got nothing right now.  Hopefully this won't last.


  1. Your writer's block will eventually go away! I know it will. Believe in yourself and never give up!

  2. Do you have critique partners you could bounce some ideas off? Mine usually come up with some good stuff when I'm stuck.