Saturday, December 15, 2012

What was what?

Don't worry about how to write.  Don't worry about what to write. Don't worry about writing.
What is it about writing that is just so attractive? It's a way to organise and put forth thoughts and see their connection with other thoughts.  I can stop and re-read, re-think, and re-edit.  And no one has to see my thoughts until I think it's worthy to be seen.  I can not only choose what I want you to see, but I can influence how I want you to think about it.
I'm over-thinking, over-thinking, over-thinking all these issues.  This is just a time to step back and let the words type themselves.  The information doesn't have to be there, in fact, this is a time for no thought at all.
There is beauty in life.  Structure and design in nature always seem so simple, yet work so efficiently.  The way the shape of an egg absorbs weight and distributes it evenly across it's structure.  The design of plants in order to gain the most amount of sunlight.  There is little that is chaotic in nature, but it comes about as a trial and error response to chaos.
So many questions, yet so little time to answer them.  That seems to be the number one reason to write, paint, think, and do math: share the answers we have gained to people we can't see.  The people I can't even imagine.  The people who will live, the people who are living, and the people who have similar questions and no answers.
Write just because.  I am so fucking relaxed right now.

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