Thursday, December 20, 2012

What? Another post?

I am at a point where I am looking forward to a few days off. I've been stuck in my apartment for weeks and the white board and mirrors are starting to get covered in strange symbols. Curves have been calculated, javascript functions have been written down as reminders, and the Russian alphabet is looking down on me while I sleep.  Luckily there's Christmas and a four day weekend coming up.  I can stop and relax and take long walks through the woods. . . yeah. My only fear is I'll open my mouth about one of my many projects and then my brain will go running with an idea.  It's hard to shut this damn thing off, you know.  It seems to be always running in the background, and as soon as it gets acknowledged it just goes on full power until there's no juice left and I feel mentally exhausted. Half of what it comes up with just seems wrong.
Symbols have become fun. It breaks down language and changes it to become something else.  The symbols of set theory turn mathematics into it's own language.  Letters, numbers, scribbles in the sand, they are meaningless unless noises or ideas are given to them. And structure of the symbols is important! English follows different sentence structures than French, so if you write English words into a French structure, you may end up with gibberish. Sort of. Your message won't be as clear.
The rules are there to be toyed with.  How do we tell a good story or poem?  Any way we want. Strip down you writing to it simplest form and join the ranks of the minimalists. Throw editing away and enjoy the craziness of the gonzo masters. Live like a Dadaist and say screw the rules! the world makes no sense.
Write to find a calm beach where there is only insanity.

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