Thursday, March 14, 2013

Black-hole day!

Oh, wow. Today is the wormhole day, isn't it? When I started this blog, I was a farmer with an interest in science and math, and I had access to a co-workers textbook for thermodynamics. Now I'm working in research at a mushroom spawn farm and am trying to juggle my hobbies(still math and science), life, and trying to remember to write this.
 I started my last post with black-holes, hoping to work my way to wormholes. It has been put off, but for now let's forge forward. If I found a wormhole on this side of the closed space loops, I would go forward to the time when Matrix technology would allow me to download information into my brain. Or just replace it all together with a synthetic brain that can be switched on and off at will. Really, I would love to move forward in time. What the future would bring is interesting. I'm interested in seeing what will become of me and the world around me. And I would travel back to the distant past, because I think the Greeks, Romans, and Mayans had fancier technology than we think they do. And really, who would pass up the opportunity to just keep going forward or backwards? You could see if the universe ends, or begun, or if it moves in a circular pattern of expanding and shrinking, with the same events being played over and over with small variations each time, until the 5 x 101000000 time when chaos has finally made a world so unlike our own.
Wouldn't you be interested in the world around a wormhole though? I mean, assuming a collapsed wormhole exists at the center of a black-hole, then the world that exists around it would be fascinating to see. Space would be so drastically dilated, it would seem, that the things we think of normal would be different. Since it would take light longer to travel a distance that seems short, the person standing next you may seem shorten and stretched. He probably couldn't hear you either, since I doubt sound travels fast enough to traverse the long distance. I'm speculating though. Nothing stops me from writing, posting is another matter completely. When I get system to remember to post, I'll dive deeper into the world of black-holes, biology, and a little programing and math. If I don't see you until the A to Z challenge, then be safe and take care.


  1. I am torn between moving back and moving forward, too. And how far either direction, because there is so much that would be awesome to see! What I'd selfishly REALLY like is if they let me see EEEEVERYTHING. But then I think my brain would asplode. hehe

  2. It would be amazing to download information directly into your brain. It would save sooo much in student loans :)

  3. It's extra interesting to explore this through a scientist's mind.