Monday, March 18, 2013

Something short.

The mathematician sees the world as numbers, charts and graphs. The world can quantified, growth can be plotted, and there are patterns and reason that dictate the shapes of things.
The physicist sees reality as things that you can touch, smell, see, and hear. They break the world into small parts, and the world exists as electrical impulses and microscopic particles.
The world lives, breathes and changes in the mind of a biologist. An artist sees the meaning behind the object while writers tell the stories of them. The musician hears all of this, and writes a soundtrack for it.
The philosopher see all of this, and thinks that he is dreaming. With the right state of mind; space around him can be bent, time is sped up and slowed, laws can be changed. All this can be done because what is real only exists in the mind.

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