Sunday, September 15, 2013

Damn constraits, we have to break them.

Do we ever stop looking at the future to see possibilities? What is frustrating in this world to me is there doesn't seem to be enough time to fully explore the world around me.
The mathematical models of the world of enzymes and hormone transport systems call to me. I can see a future where florescent chemicals show me the place of penetration and nutrient transfer occur between absucular mychorriazal fungus and the roots of corn. The mysteries of evolutionary theory is worthy of a place in any thriller to me. Plato's world of ideas created by the math of Euclid is a world worth exploring.
I want to spend time in nature, contemplating the structure of the world around me. Time spent in the physical world with real things is time well spent. Theory only describes a poem as lovely as a tree, and cannot replace the smells and sounds of nature.
Mastery of one skill seems to ignore all other skills. The wonders of biology is supported by the foundations of physics. And what about the skills needed to live? The ability to cook, to farm, and to feed oneself? How about the ability to be able to build and to fix? Why is life so large with so many paths?
Why can't I be an expert at everything damnit? I want to be a master lover, thinker, craftsman and artist. If time didn't exist, then I would do it all.