Monday, May 19, 2014

7 pm blog thoughts, and a voice lost to the void

I work hard at a task I can take pride in. At this point, I know I'm still young because time stretches before more than the time lags behind me. When I study my history, though, it's littered with lives of people who worked hard and are barely remembered. Every now and then, it's good to step back and stare at the big picture. Small exposure to it over time helps keep you from insanity. It helps focus and it helps drive. And it seems to help mental health by asking the big questions and seeing what your answer is.
What the hell is the point of life? It's a line that spans two inevitable points, birth and death. There seems to be a good chance that every dream I have will not all come true, and I will fail at many tasks. I may work hard, give to charity, try and help educate others, like others have done before me. And like so many before me, I may be forgotten; a life swept up by time whose story is left to fade in a far off place. So why try? Why not rot my mind with drugs, and waste away in a life of mediocrity?
This is a world meant to be explored. A world of experiences and people and places and sights, and there is no time to see it all. This is a world of information, and this information has been shared by beautiful poems, rousing speeches, and challenging stories. Isn't life worth it to be part of that?  To experience what is good in the world, and bad, in order to explore the corners of reality.
What kind of person do I want to be? I look around at the people around me, and I search for traits that are admirable. Curiosity, politeness, humility, friendliness, and an ability to stand up to whatever they see wrong with the world. God damn, this life works to crush my spirit. Their are people who have seen it done before, and that is not the way it is done. I won't shield myself. I will take inspiration from the people around me, and turn it into something worth doing. I will be forgotten, but not before experiencing what this world has to offer.

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