Friday, May 30, 2014

Something now. . .

The thing that stops this thing dead is not my lack of social media presence. It is not writer's block. Sometimes it's a job or a hobby that gets in my way, but more than that is when I start to work on a harder post about math, it turns into something that can't just be written in on sitting. I just know that a mathematician or math hobbyist is going to come along, work through the math and say "You missed something, right there." I see it in all my friends though. I pick on my cousin, a guitarists, for practicing a solo DURING the song. But its pay off, and his band sounds tight. A friend of mine that does historical literature research has tons of great ideas, but take forever on putting them out until they're perfect. What I should do instead of giving up on the harder stuff and letting it rot in my draft box is to print it out and work on it by hand. Because you know that the first thing constipated mathematicians do is try to work it out with a pencil, right?

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