Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday morning and feeling mellow.

I've been listening  to a lot of CAKE recently, and eventually that lead me to Frank Sinatra. They have the song:
and they covered at least one song of his. When it comes to Sinatra, I don't know, I just haven't listen to much of him. Love Sammy Davis Jr, and I grew up on a lot of songs from that era because my dad and my grandparents were both fans of the big band sound. I'm sitting here listening to the album, "Watertown" right now, and a funny thing happened. Old memories of my grandmother came flooding back. Suddenly, I could smell her car, the car that we sat in while listening to radio stations that played this music, radio stations I am still wondering how they existed in the 90's. I can taste the sandwiches she used to make, which always tasted so strange and so unique. Don't know why, to this day.
Memories are strange. We give visual portion of our brain too much credit sometimes. As I've studied ADHD and alternatives to stimulants, many suggestions involve using taste, smell, and sounds to help focus and memories. Things like chewing gum while you study, then chewing the same types when you take a test. My dad and I used to talk about the role of smells and memories a lot. He smokes a pipe, and a woman he worked with would always talk about memories of her father when he smoked around her. Those are simple little brain hacks that can be used to make your self smarter, something simple to keep your brain young and energetic.
Before I die, I want to make my own language that uses hand gestures and tries to engage other senses besides the auditory tracks. I hypothesis that people growing up with such a language would be more perceptive and creative than other languages. Just a dream. We'll see if it pans out.
Here's the album that put me into this mood:

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