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Lucid Dream Sex
Art work by Dan Rohrmann. His artwork is bright, colorful and surreal.
That's the type of headline that just jumps at you, doesn't it? Lucid "dream sex" sounds like something out of Cosmo. Or you could ignore the middle word and get "Lucid Sex" for something that you could can buy legally in Montreal. For better or for worse though, this is a link article about "Lucid Dream" sex. Not even real sex, just the sex that flashes past your eyes in pictures as you sleep.
I don't think I've had a discussion about dreams and sex since sex education and wet dreams. Before we start with that, I need to make sure everyone knows what lucid dreaming is. The short answer is, they are the dreams that you have the ability to control!
This is a bit more, professional let's say, than some of the other websites out there. Also, it turned out to be more informative than the typical websites. It's not a how to guide, but rather an answer to the question "what is lucid dreaming?" from an expert. A real expert, someone who has been doing it for years, has studied it, written papers on it and attends the conferences and everything.
The word "Lucid" means clear, but a lucid dream is more than a clear dream. To lucid dream, the dreamer must be aware of the fact that they are dreaming. That's it. No control of the dream, but that's what attracts people to the concept. By that definition, I've had lucid dreams since I was a kid. I frequently had dreams when I was a teenager that I knew were dreams, and that was most of the fun of them. Telling each other dreams in my family was encouraged by my dad though, so that probably had a lot to do with it. Back to the article.
The article does touch on a lot of the basics you'll find if you run your own search for the subject. What are the experiences of the expert? What can you expect from lucid dreaming? What's the best technique? Why I like this article is because the personal experiences of the expert is cool and it mentions a few other types of dreams that I've never heard of, mutal dreaming and psychic contents, as well as the experts experiences with both. The idea of eating fire is just so cool  and creative and just, just, so fucking awesome. (Fuck it. Writing an article on dream sex means I'm giving up on "Family friendly". I don't think I'm cut out for it anyways.
How to Have Lucid Dream Sex by Rebecca Turner
This article is the inspiration for the post. I was lucid dreaming, was looking for some more information, and came across this, and it got me thinking about dream sex in general.
The first thing I want to say is, lucid dreaming is like a canvas in your mind where you become a literal god. You not only create a world and bring whatever people you want into it while choosing the topography, you can change the rules of the world on a whim. So when given that omnipotence, people use it to have sex. Just. . . I don't. . . but . . . really? I'm not surprised, just exasperated.
One more thing. Ethical? Philosophers have been arguing about hunting, free will, and war since classical Greek times, but I'm sure the real question that was on their minds was "is it right to have made up sex while I sleep?" It is a good personal question that may need an answer, just ethical may not be the right word for it. The thing that jumped out to me about this was the fact that initiating dream sex seems just as hard as initiating real sex. That sucks, really, because I was hoping to have an outlet for the celebrity furry/puppet fantasies I've been having recently. TMI, yes, but that sentence about giving up on family friendly should have turned you away.
Halting on the article mocking, it does bring up some interesting things. The ethical ad progressive part to me is the idea of treating the object of your dream desire as more than just a sex object. In fact, the idea of using dreams to practice social interactions in general is pretty interesting. I'm just not sure about dream figures taking revenge on you by turning your "sexy dream into a lucid nightmare".
Rereading this article, this whole thing serves as a decent example of what I don't like when I start reading about dreams. But, it did get me thinking about sex in dreams in general. Mostly, people I want to have sex with don't "transform into an ugly, withered being". They turn into fish, or a family member I don't want to have sex with, or it becomes a dream I really don't feel comfortable talking about, like sex with a family member who turns into Sasquatch when we cuddle.
10 Common Sex Dreams And What They Mean
This falls under dream analysis, so this is not meant as a definitive answer on what weird sex dreams might mean.
This article is presented as a starting point for why you might be having trouble initiating dream sex. It's not that dream people have a will of their own, but it might be your own hang ups that are stopping you. Things like self esteem, desires for power, and balance of animus/anima (fancy!) all come into the factor. It will all come down to the dreamer in the end, though, and the experience of lucid dreaming requires more than being conscious. As the first article pointed out, it requires a degree of awareness and it gives the dreamer the chance to point that awareness inwards.
Enjoy your dreams, folks.

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