Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for edible mushrooms

J is for Jelly leaf fungus. I work with mushrooms, I should talk about mushrooms.
From Wikipedia


Tremella Foliacea (AKA: Jelly Leaf Fungus)


A large, lettuce like fungus, with ruffled, irregular leaf like lobes1. A cinnamon brown to purplish brown color.


Truthfully, I picked this because I though it's picture looked like red leaf lettuce, which I have more experience with. This variety of mushroom is edible, and is a parasitic mush room that can be found on the mycelium or fruiting bodies of fungi found on the branches of broad leaf trees or conifers. It's said it doesn't taste like much, but research from 1973 suggest that it may have anti-tumor properties. It can be found in the northern hemisphere from July to November, after rainstorms.


  1. It may be edible, but it doesn't look particularly appetising!

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  2. I have to agree with Grover. Doesn't look appetizing, but then it's probably all in the presentation. :)

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  3. Really? I thought it looked like Red Leaf Lettuce, which tastes great.

  4. Can't say I'm a huge fungi fan....this looks like some sort of candy or fruit roll up!

  5. I never used to love mushroom as a kid, in fact I hated them, but I dont't mind them nowadays. :) I also like the word mushroom. It's suitably weird!

  6. Thanks for that info: always looking for more information on foraging.

  7. That is a really cool-looking mushroom!

    (Though it reminds me a bit of an episode of Hannibal I was watching earlier . . . *shudder*.)