Wednesday, April 24, 2013

T-U is for combining posts!

I wanted to write about Thymine and Uracil, but I've very busy working, working on a different project, and playing the distracting game of Fort Conquer on my phone to do the necessary research on these two very complicated chemicals. For now, let's pretend I explained it and it was very moving and passionate and try a different U-T post.
Today's post will be about the wonderful world of Utility Trucks, or Ute's as they are called in New Zealand. I was there for 2 months, and honestly could not figure out what made a truck a Ute, and what made it a truck. I finally decided that pick-ups were Ute's, because no one ever used the word pick-up while I was there.
The trucks were so god-damn cool though! When I see mini-trucks being used for main transportation, I always smile because they are powerful for their size (we used to use 3 cylinder mini-trucks to pull wagons 2 times their size up steep Vermont hills when I was a farmer). But I loved the fact that so many trucks, big and small, were diesel. They trucks needed for roads that were under water or climbed 3000 ft into the air. These trucks looked cool and felt cool when you drove them. There. There is my busy half-assed T-U post. I promise something thought out tomorrow.

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