Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just some thoughts I had on a wonderful spring day.

I went for a walk to ask myself questions about life, love, and the journey I am on. I was not alone on this walk, because I had the poets, philosphers, dreamers, and teachers of ages past to ponder this question with me. We argued and bickered and agreed on many points, but like so many walks before it, we came to no conculsions.
Mathematicans before me have built equations to explain the universe and the human expeience. What is possible in a human's lifetime is limitless. The poets and philosophers have explained that any given point in a person life holds the possibility for any event concived by the colective mind of a hundred thinkers. We interact with many other people, objects, and concepts on daily basis; and these interactions is what what make our minds dynamic, and it's what makes us alive. We are change. We are a creature that is naturally curious, and that curiousity is what inspires us to interact with our surroundings. These interactions build more questions, which lead to new answers, which builds technology, science and culture! But in the end, these results make new questions, so we find new answers, gain new new insight and technology, and what we have really build is a never-ending loop.
Our realations with those that we keep in our lives is something that is never black and white. I once saw women as goddesses when I was a teenager, and later I saw them as something to be feared when I saw the goddesses wrath. They are people though, and my relationship with the opposite sex is just as complex and confusing at times as my relationship with my friends, parents, and acquaintances. That is to say, I can guess at their motives, but I will never understand their minds. Hell, I will never understand my mind. I will never understand relativity or reality. There will always be too many questions and never enough answers.
I suppose I can satisfy myself with what I have. Find myself a good wife, in a good neighborhood while I work for a good paycheck. But if I do, would I find myself fit to take walks with the poets, philosophers, dreamers and teachers of ages past?


  1. I certainly hope that when you find a good wife, you'll still be walking with the poets, etc. These are you moments that you should never give up.

    Have fun with a-z.

  2. Those are a lot of thoughts for one spring day!