Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vectors of the Blogosphere.

I thought for V-Day it would be good to explore vectors. But instead of exploring the basics of vectors (They are lines that represent the magnitude of a force in physics. There, I saved you a 30 minute video on youtube) I thought it would be more interesting to explore the surface of the blogosphere riding on the back of mathematical vectors.
A vector in physics represents the magnitude of a force, and there are many ways in which these forces can interact geometrically. But since vectors exist in imaginary 2 dimensional space, mathematicians can represent them with complex numbers. Or numbers. Or pineapples, really, just have a good proof behind you and use pineapples for math. "Mathematics rests on numbers, but is not limited to them" - Why Beauty is Truth.
A vector can be represented in the way of [x,y]. In imaginary space, that represents a point. For shits and giggles though, that can be called point a, and now the vector can be represented by [a]. So what if that point did not exist in imaginary space, but instead resided in the Blogosphere?
In blog-o-space, I will choose myself to represent the first point, not out of narcissism, but because Rene Descartes laid the ground work to determine self existence in his famous work Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting one’s Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences (the one that said "I think therefore I am"). If I am a point in blog-o-space, then some of the rules of The Elements apply to the problem at hand. If I am a point, represented by [me], then I can big another blogger for the sake of argument and call them [u]. The blogger u is a complex person full of dreams, desires, and dread and, as a complex person, is the product of a real person and an imaginary person, and therefore is point in space. A vector exists between these two star-crossed bloggers, and the vector can be represented by [me, u]. This is Euclid's 1st postulate:
It is possible to draw a straight line from any point to another point.
Euclid's second postulate claims that we extent this finite line into an infinite line. To do this, we need more points in space. These points are also bloggers in blog-o-space. We'll say that we can extend the line using the bloggers we follow and the bloggers who follow us. For a vector of меня, it is represented as
[me, u, dupree, . . . bloggern]
By describing the blog-o-space in our own geometry, we can assume some other rules in vector anlaysis apply. There exist an infinite amount of vectors through a point. We can add vectors together - If vector меня has a vector length of 3 bloggers and vector твой has a vector length of 5 bloggers, together they make vector свой with a vector length of 8 bloggers. Two vectors intersect at a common point -
меня - [me, u, dupree]  and твой - [u, mark, jessica] intersects at point  u.
From Wikipedia
If the blog-o-space is just a zoomed in version of the Blogosphere, then Euclid's 5th does not apply because this space exist on the surface of a curved object, most likely a sphere. There are no parallel lines, as all lines in spherical geometry are are great circles and intersect at some point. I call this Bacon's Proof from the parlor game of "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon" and the intersection of points on the Blogosphere can be found in accordance to the rules of the game.
1. Pick a blogger. Sadly, I can not find a blog for Kevin Bacon. This blogger you choose and their corresponding vector will be our test vector.
2. Using your own point, use the "shortest path algorithm"  to plot a vector between yourself and blogger x. Write the vector as [x1, x2, x3, x4,. . . xn], where x is a point in blog-o-space.
3. Continue the first two steps for as long as you want.
What you should find is that all vectors intersect at some point. For example, you the reader and me the reader probably find our vectors intersecting at the A to Z challenge. Or The Insecure Writer's Group.
This can be developed further. If you promote your blog through other means other that the Internet, these readers can be looked at as other dimensions to the sphere. You may able to create objects within this blog-o-space, and rotate them further. Fractals and patterns may emerge from the chaos of the connecting vectors. The possibilities of this geometry are limited to your imagination.


  1. Boy. Haven't done any vector problems for a few years. If my professors had done it like you did, would've been more interesting. But then again, when I was doing my vector problems, there were no bloggers. Well maybe a few, but not like now.

    I like the Kevin Bacon thing. It's so true. It's funny how I'll be following some blogger for a while. And then realize they have a connection to this other blogger that I'd never realized. It'd be fun to see some kind of blogger map with all this stuff. To find out whose connected with who.

  2. I'm so glad you explained what vectors were! I got a D in geometry. I think I'll stick to making up magic that can handle these kinds of things for me ;)

  3. Interesting and even better than multilevel marketing.

  4. The outcome of this is very interesting but the path leading there is beyond my silly brain. You sound like you are in your "seeking years." What a beautiful spot to be in.
    Thanks for visiting me and keep seeking.

  5. Hi Samuel, you said that you could use a load of puppies so I thought I'd hop on over and wish you a wonderful day full of good vibes and dog-ish love.

    1. Thanks. Puppy pictures and friendly people make my day.

  6. Thoroughly interesting post, Samuel.

    Oh, puppy pictures and friendly people make my day too. Shame there's not more of them though - puppies and friendly people, that is.