Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello, World

Ok, ok, ok. I've got a busy couple of months, so I'm going to pass the stuff off onto this blog. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, prime number posts will go up. Tuesdays and Thursdays, bash script. This blog is one of the best ways for me to learn and become better at a topic. I'm actually really bad with school, surprisingly enough.

Maybe you've heard about some sort of "Linux" thing or maybe some weird "Ubuntu" thing that the dorks and nerds are talking about these days. Maybe you've heard it's free, and uses free software, or maybe you decided that the mascot, Tux the penguin,
Tux the Penguin, cuter than an Apple
  is cute, as opposed to Windows bright color thing or Apples' apple. Maybe that made you download and then you installed it with help of "the computer person" in your family. And now it's on the computer and. . . what the fuck is the big deal?

Really, this Ubuntu thing is brown. It doesn't seem to do anything different except make some task that were once easy on a Windows harder. All you keep hearing about is "How it's so easy to customize!" Well, you can change the background and the theme, whoop-ti-frickin'-do. Could do that on a PC or a Mac, and those worked 90% of the time!

Welcome to the wonderful of bash scripting. It's not much in the world of customization, not much at all really. But it's an easy place to start, and once a person get a hang of it, well I reckon that person would have all the power in their hands. And since it's a Unix thing, Mac users can join in on the fun! Windows users have to deal with the fact that Microsoft keeps pushing their own technology and it doesn't play nice with each other. Windows users have to deal with the fact that they are like Mac users in the 90's.

Lets start. Open the program called "Terminal Emulator", which should be under accessories. You'll be looking at a box that has this in it:
[username@comp ~]$
Type in the following command:
echo "Hello World"
Yup, it's the good 'ole hello world program. All it does is display the words "Hello World". For something functional, you could backup your directory file. Simple, easy, and all you need to do is type:
mkdir Backups
That makes a new Backup file. Then type:
tar -cvzf Directory-mybackup.tar.gz Backups
Now if you accidentally delete the whole directory file, you have a backup! That's it for day one. Come back Thursday for  more. And if I have time this weekend, come back then for a rant on why people should learn programming, and not just Visual-Basic. Oh, and speaking of this weekend, there is this thing called the Kennett Square Mushroom festival in Chester County, Pa. I'll be there this weekend, answering questions about how to grow mushrooms. Stop by, say the secret word (the secret word is: swordfish) and the duck comes down!

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