Saturday, September 6, 2014

On to week 2

Well, week one done. What makes this harder than the A to Z challenge and some other posts is that this is more than 1000 words. I really need an editor. In fact, that would be really nice to have for this damn thing. It would keep me from knowing how far off topic I got, it would keep my writing tighter, and I wouldn't ramble as much. Now if I could find a friend who could do math that would be willing to read my stuff.

I ended up missing two posts this week. The things I thought would get in the way, did. Since starting this blog, I've gotten much better at time management, but that still doesn't stop life from getting in the way. And sometimes I just can't things done if I have somebody walking up to me every 10 minutes asking me things. The best thing to try then, is to write some outlines of the posts I want to do this week today and tomorrow. That way, I can just add better wording and formatting and it should be quicker to write.

Yesterday I was going to do Belphegor's Prime, but as I was working on it and kept getting stopped it got way too late. I'll move that post to next week, then. Monday will be about Sophie Germain, a french mathematician I've wanted to write about for a while, Wednesday will be Sophie Germain primes, and more about Happy Primes, and then Belphegor on Friday. Tomorrow I'll figure out the other two days. Happy Saturday.