Wednesday, September 3, 2014

IWSG - But what DO we do with the body?

Proud Member ofBlogging is dead, therefore we should kick and desecrate its corpse. Dress it in fancy clothes and a silly hat, then hang it in the window of the downtown shops. Don't worry, that sentence doesn't cross any lines because nobody shops downtown anymore. They can't be offended if they can't see it.

Now that blogging is dead, maybe we can focus on writing? I mean, blogging left behind some pretty good stuff, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we took it (Blogging is masculine, btw, because it ends with a "g" not an "a" which is feminine or an "e" which is gender neutral.) The blog hops, blog fests, writers groups, and general community vibe is a pretty nifty thing. This whole group of writers have banded together to help out each other get published and advertise. People can actually make money by posting journal entries on the web for others to see! It's suggested I should post about about a topic, but come on. I've come across plenty of blogs with no original ideas, no concept of language, and the whole thing looks like it was designed with mspaint on a broken tablet. In fact, you're reading such a blog right now! These guys still have books published though. Maybe it's a good thing blogging finally died. It was starting to get grotesque and boated, and its gangrenous parts were starting to stink.

This internet thing is pretty snazzy medium. Like nothing that came before it, and perhaps like nothing after it. I don't have to learn another language, because my browser tranlates stuff automatically for me. Any of you out there read mspaint adventures? What always impressed me about it, before it became 3000 pages long, is it used the medium to its advantage. Everything is possible; sound, writing, pictures, video, games. I know one of the things lacking in my writing, besides focus and good spelling, is that it doesn't use the formatting ability. Italics, bold, and underlining can emphasize things, but sizes of words can denote volume as well.So writing can become a symphony, with sentences read at a pianissimo, then they can explode into a thunderous forte! Sadly, I still can't realize that dream on blogger. Well, work within the limits,

Insecurities today? I'm reading your comments, and I'm wondering  how I can talk math without using numbers and calculations. It's very possible, you know. The greeks were very picture and geometry oriented,then i the middle ages mathematical answers were passed along using poems. But now, if you can't decpher the symbols and calculations, you're cut completely out of a very elegant language. It's something to play with while I talk primes. My prime post is going up, later! This is quicker and simpler, sort of, and it's going up first. Now for some goals. Next month I want to say "Hey guys, I picked out my 7 to 10 favorite blog posts, and over the next year I'll work on editing them so they are able to be published!" That's my goal. Happy blog hopping.


  1. Sorry, I have ADHD and was distracted near the end by the rainbow text....;-)

  2. You say that many of these bloggers have published books and are bad at writing blog posts? Well, sir, that's what editors are for. If only I could carry mine in my pocket and whip him out to go over every communique from blogger to twitter to facebook. Now how would that be? But then again, that would make me a stuffed shirt and no one wants to read a textbook. ;)

    I appreciate your thoughts over on my blog, great reply! Thank you!


  3. Hey, my whole shtick is juvenile rants from an old woman. I claim it.

  4. Are you saying your number's up--almost--so far as blogging goes? Or is this merely a calculated post on your part? There is not much that I find that I can count on these days.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Well, if blogging's dead when's the wake? I could use a drink about now. And as to those numbers, the only math I got through with no sweat was geometry. I loved those theorems.

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