Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stuff on this month

I need to sit down and write. For too long, I've wanted to tackle larger, more complex posts, but my current style holds me back from doing this. In fact, my current style holds me back from improvement in general. I sit down, I write, and as soon as I finish, I post. This is great for small stuff, and some bigger stuff where I think of an idea at the beginning of the month, work it out in the notebook and then do one big post. I can't keep doing that, because it requires me to have time. Am I really that busy? Not all the time, and even when I'm busy, I usually have free time after work. The problem becomes tasks put aside for too long become big task that seem to be impossible. Anyway, this is all good, I've done some stuff right this month. Planing out what I want to do for the month is good, because it's one less thing I need to think of. What I need to do is write out at least an outline for the post so I can just add, edit and post. The question is, how to finish out this month?