Thursday, August 21, 2014

An ADHD day.

I'm having a lot of trouble focusing today. Part is job related, part is I woke up in a foul mood. I keep trying to complete tasks that I can normally complete well, but I'm having no luck. Every just start the day frustrated and then nothing works because you stay frustrated, and it builds and builds? Sigh. Whatever. I'm just not sure how to fix this mood. These days suck because I have stuff to do, damnit! It needs to get done, I try to work on one task, but my focus runs to another task, it doesn't get done well.


  1. This sounds like a stupid idea, but sometimes when I feel that way I just lay down. Something about it clears my head (I'm not a napper, either - maybe the magic is in how rarely I do it.

    1. Part of my ADHD therapy was meditation actually. So when things get too hectic, I do something similar to your lie down technique. Mostly, I just do stuff like cook, tell jokes, and read books that aren't deep, heavy things to think about. Something to make my mind smile, you know?

    2. Oh, brother...I know SOOO well. Hope you're having a good day and a restful weekend, Samuel!