Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tools for learning a new Language

Happy Sunday. Today, I put a hangman game at the bottom of the page. It only does Russian vocabulary, because it's a way to practice my Russian. And you can practice too! You may be thinking "What is the deal with all of this Russian crap?" Well, first of all, red heads are born communists. It's true. Second, I do speak a bit of french and spanish, but the grammar, alphabet, and vocabulary do not not come close to russian. I've found if you know french or spanish, you can work out the grammar for the other, just the pronunciation of words will really mess you up. Russian, well that's something I need to practice a lot of, really. There will be some more changes over time to the game, and next I want to make a cryptoquote game. I love cryptoquote and sudoko, but sudoko can't be translated.

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Here is the game to try out. The vocabulary is limited at the moment and there's an odd glitch that I'm trying to work out. I've been at this all morning though, so it's time for a walk and a nap.

The vocabulary comes from here:
Podcasts to help learn Russian:
Tolstoy on LibriVox:
Wikibooks for Russian Grammar:

I have a french group meeting on the same day I do my math group, so I should do something french this week to pretend to practice.


  1. Good Luck and thank you for the references. Russian was my first language and sadly, once I learned English, I refused to speak Russian, my biggest regret. My parents were pre-Revolution and spoke the classical Russian. Once in college, when I took Russian, I was corrected for using the word for "to eat," Kusheet I said, "No, no, no Natasha, said my Soviet teacher, that is a bourgeois word, now we use "yest." I learned that many words were removed and the alphabet shortened post 1917. But, I can say about 10 words perfectly.

    1. You can say more than I can. I can write it, but my pronunciation is horrible. The language itself has an interesting history. If you're ever looking to start practicing again, message me. I'm always looking to practice.