Monday, August 25, 2014

What I'm going to do next month

Hey there, have a good weekend? Same here. Did a math group thing on Saturday, then hid myself in my room for most of Sunday. Finished two books. And of course, thought about what I want to do for the next month right here on the blog!

There is an experiment I want to try in October. If it's successful, then I can try to do something more grand next year. The thing is, it's not a 100% developed idea. In fact, it's barely 30% developed idea. All I have is parts. The parts I have is this blog, a talk I'm scheduled to give on November 5th on the zombie fungus, a monthly math group that will meet to discuss "The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives" by Leonard Mlodinow, and a book on statistical programing as well as a good python Google + group. Back in March, I started thinking of ways I could try and combine all my current projects into one thing that also tries to knock off some life goals, and I can do that in October. I just have to read the book first. But, I own it, and it can be read! Once that's (mostly) done, I can figure out the post for 2 months for now. Or, if I realistic, make a basic outline, then write my post in 2 hours the night before.

This all just brings me to what I want to do this coming month. On September 27, Math Counts will meet to talk about Prime numbers. Prime numbers are awesome, and great, and just all around amazing, and I've grown to love them, really. The people who read this may or may not situated in the Philadelphia area spatially or temporally, as you may be reading this on the west coast or you may be reading this 5 months from now, or you may be a figment of my stressed out mind. How can I pass on my love of prime numbers to any of these 3 groups of fine people? By spending the next month talking about prime numbers of course! 3 days a week, the people coming here get to see prime number stuff. 2 days, posts on bash scripting, since I have a bash scripting project and really need to focus on that as well. Weekends, well, you'll get something. Just probably whatever.

This week, I've got the spare time to play with some other ideas and extra I want to work on. And the "Do you have a goal" bloghop is on Friday. Next week is IWSG. Just enjoy your Monday, duders.

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