Saturday, August 2, 2014

Weekends rock.

Saturdays and the weekend are awesome! Naps in the middle of the day, and sometimes their lucid. I get to wander around with no shirt and eat stuff out of my garden. Recharge and relax, really. Make headway on my books, (trying to read three right now) and eating. I was going to write this big post and had the thing planned out, but then, nah. Just type duder. Just relax, meditate, relax, and take in. Make plans for the future, set goals, then take a nap and get started on them on Mondays. And sometimes, I just watch cartoons. No big bowl of cereal, but apperently adulthood means streaching out on the couch and just letting the world pass me by for a day or two and not panicking that I'm growing older and doing nothing. Weekends still rock.

For a lazy lay around day, I've got stuff done. I have one more structural update that will go up, just a new background, and one thing that's more of an experiment to play with. The experiment will take longer, but the goal is to work on it and get it up.

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