Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Animal shelter and donations

Hi, busy day today, sadly, and I don't have to time to craft a beautiful well crafted post, so I will give you all a Dog Lovers Unite update. I have a facebook page up for Aristotle's Mistake  now, so go over there and like me. Over the next couple weeks a real "follow me" tab needs to go up on this site.
The news I want to spread is there is a new animal shelter going up outside of Moscow. According to my Moscow friend:

"Construction and activity of unique care centre for pets and farm animals
This page is dedicated to the building and work of unique help centre for pets and farm animals "Mokriy nos". There will be two pages: in Russian and in English.
There is an animal centre "Nika" in Zelenograd, Moscow. Its volunteers bought a piece of land 30km away from Moscow in 2014. New European oriented help centre is going to be built. Comfortable infrastructure, good cages that are warm even during the severe frost, children friendly atmosphere -these are our advantages. This centre is financed by private donations. The centre can receive 500 animals at once. You can find reports, accounts, projects and information about the stage of building on this page." is the Facebook page in question. The posts are in Russian, but the descriptions are in English and Russian. So far they've raised about 60% of the funds needed. I'm sharing this in hopes that you'll share or donate money here: but I don't have an English page for you all as of yet. I will have something by 8 pm EST though, even if I have to translate parts of it myself. Right now, I have to get going.

EDIT: There is no page in English, sadly. They are working on one, but nothing yet. I want to keep up with this, because for now its a connection I have to the project that isn't just me working hard to start my cause back up.