Thursday, August 14, 2014

You get nothing! NOTHING!

Working hard on a post, but it's much harder than expected. As I'm doing research on the post, I notice that there are many websites with the exact same information. Damn. It's so easy to just copy and paste information and put it up on a different website, but it makes so many questions about the content. And doing it that means that anyone looking for information on a subject only gets one point of view and misses all the other details of the story.
EDIT: The post I'm working on is a brief biography of a mathematician,  and the website I keep finding is a copy and pasted text from one of those pre-written papers on line. Do lazy people become successful in this life and then become forgotten as time goes on? There's a difference between shortcuts to do something and just being lazy. Come on, now.
I've done my two hours of writing now, but the post isn't finished. It won't be a dense wall of text, but because I playing with ideas and styles it's taking longer than expected. Happy Thursday.


  1. Preaching to the choir, buddy. I have students that are bright that consistently cut and paste, and it's hard to fight when it seems so prevalent! I've actually said, "I'm begging for your real, unique opinion on this subject, not Wikipedia's."

    Lazy sounds about right, though. Brain lazy is rampant.