Sunday, August 10, 2014

An easy sunday post for easy Sunday reading

Ah man, it's Sunday, and I haven't written anything. I've been translating one of my posts. The thing about translating yourself, you still have full artistic control over the content. Which is good, because a straight translation is horrible. It makes no sense, and leaves out the authors style. It will go up soon. I'm going to take this Sunday to share stuff I've been reading and finding on the internet. Nothing fancy today, just a good day to lie around. - Chapter 1 of discrete mathematics.

Yup. I open this post by saying I'm doing some translating, so of course I'm reading something on discrete mathematics. This chapter is a nice refresher on logic which I haven't done for a couple years now and is an important part of math, not just computer science.

A Simple Email Crawler in Python

It finds emails on a website to populate lists.

Also, I'm reading "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison along with a few other books. Enjoy your Sunday.

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